#AshleyMadison Josh Duggar Confesses

Ex-reality star Josh Duggar , has Called himself "the biggest
hypocrite ever," and has apologized for a "secret addiction" to pornography and for cheating on his wife.

According to him, even during his show, where he espoused faith and family values, he secretly for several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this
became a secret addiction and he became unfaithful to my wife," he said in a statement
posted on the family's website on Thursday.

The statement was later edited to remove the reference to pornography and a reference to
an earlier scandal in which Duggar molested
four of his sisters and a babysitter..
The statement was apparently spurred by Duggar's name appearing among millions exposed in a data breach of customers of the
Ashley Madison website, an online service that caters to people looking to cheat on their spouses. Leaked data showed that a Josh
Duggar whose address was the same as the reality TV star was a member of
AshleyMadison.com from December 2012 to October 2014.
In his statement, Duggar did not address whether he had used AshleyMadison.com, nor did he detail the exact nature of his marital

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