Death toll hits 80 in Borno, due to Boko Haram attack

if they are Half the terrorists they once were, they won't  have attacked in this manner which shows they are slacking and losing control, the troops fighting against them are winning and hopefully by December, they would #EndBokoHaram

According to sources, The death toll in the 3 areas in Borno state  where boko haram militants attacked during the weekend as risen to 80 
It was reported that the Suspected Boko Haram gunmen who arrived on horseback had scores of people shot dead in seperate attacks in three different villages in the north east during the weekend s
The attacks were the latest bloodbath in the six-year-old insurgency by the extremist group aimed at carving out an Islamic state in the volatile region.
Babakura Kolo, a vigilante fighting Boko Haram, said 68 people were killed in the attack on Baanu village in Borno State on Friday while residents said another 11 people were shot dead in two other villages on Saturday and Sunday.

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