Kim Kardashian charges $2.99 to access her site


Kim Kardashian is going to be charging $2.99 monthly fees for access to her website  and she says it's actually a great deal.

According to TMZ, Kim says she's cutting her fans a break for her makeup tutorials which  normally costs up to $500 and upwards for people to see Kim and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic live, so Kim thinks a $3 monthly fee is a steal.

And Kim says she's offering a lot more ... a style section where you can copy her everyday looks. 
If that's not your thing ... there's always Khloe's new app where $2.99 buys you unlimited access to her workout videos. 

Good lord! will we ever get over the Kardashian menace? In my opinion, i don't see anything special about the site except Kim is your idol or you simply love to see make-up tutorials by Kim Kardashian herself.

Also, she just drew attention to her sight and the ire of cyber-overlords who simply loves this sort of challenge(something they can't access so easily)

It seems Kim did not remember Ashley Madison or she did not hear about it? 

How can people pay to access your site? Maybe because she is Kim K, but that still does not cut it.

She could sell Yeezys or a line of cloth or perfume on the site , that sounds more reasonable. This access charge is not! and i think Khloe's app is cool, and the workouts seem to present more values.

What do you think of the charge fee?

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