ODDNEWS: 12 Year Old commits suicide in Lagos

A 12-year-old girl identified as Mulikat Hassan shocked residents in Mushin, Lagos after she allegedly committed suicide.
The little girl was found dead by her parents after she was seen dangling from the ceiling of her parents’ one-room apartment in Mushin.

According to the neighbors, it was a really odd scene and in their opinion might have a spiritual side to it.

According to reports, the 12 year old girl was reported to have  forcibly dragged her brother out of the room before committing suicide.

Meanwhile,  some speculated that the deceased may have been frustrated following sexual advances made towards her by an unidentified neighbor. Suspicion has it that the man might have raped the girl who had always rejected his advances.
There is a man in our compound who has been making advances to the young girl. She had complained several times and the issue had caused arguments between Mulikat’s parents and the man many times. I suspect that the man might have raped her and maybe due to the frustration, she committed suicide,” a source disclosed.
The police have since arrested 8 suspects in connection with the little girl's death.

Source:Sun/Linda Ikeji

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