Olu Falae’s return, The bitter Truth

"Things have fallen apart, how long can the center  hold"

After Chief olu falae was kidnapped some days ago, and after various calls from different organisations and the presidency for his release, the kidnappers finally released the former Secretary to the government o f the federation yesterday and the man had quite an experience to relate.

 According to him,  He was kidnapped by fulani herdsmen who are known to travel across the nation guiding their cows from the north to different parts of the nation.

In his statement he said, after he was kidnapped he was made to trek with the herdsmen from his farm located at Ilado in Akure North to Owo in the same state and  for the four days he was with the Fulani herdsmen he slept on bare ground and trekked several kilometers throughout the night to get to the hideout of the kidnappers.
According to him, when his family offered to pay N2 million, his abductors said: “Is it Boko Haram that your family wants to give N2 million?”
Nobody was arrested and no ransom was paid.

The return of this man exposes a bitter reality in the state of Nigeria, the security is porous  and the police better up their game for this sort pf thing cannot continue.

It shows how porous the security is, and pose the question, Who is safe?

Nobody! In a society where more than 50% of the population are youths and they have enjoyed no dividend of democracy and as a result feel frustrated, depressed and abandoned.

So the venom in some of these youths kick in, and as a result , all vices are let loose.

The police claimed responsibility for the safe return of the old man, do you agree?

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