Pope Stumbles while boarding plane leaving for Philadephia

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, stumbled as he climbed to board a plane at John F. Kennedy Airport in the United States.
A video posted on YouTube showed the Pope stumbling as he struggled to climb the stairs. He held on to the rail of the stairs with his right hand while he clutched a bag with his left hand.
Pope Francis, dressed in his usual flowing white robe, was being watched from inside the plane by his aides with no one coming to his aid.
Pope Francis left New York City to go to Philadelphia on Saturday as several hundred people waved him goodbye at John F. Kennedy Airport.
The Pontiff, said to be suffering from sciatica and a bad knee, stumbled slightly as he walked up the stairs into the waiting American Airlines jet but “recovered quickly and waved to the crowd after he was seen limping.”

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