The United States overthrows “undesirable” government

According to Julia Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who has been  residing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London under asylum for over three years claimed the United States uses all its available resources to overthrow “undesirable” governments in other countries.

In  publication by german media outfit,NEOPresse, Assange said Washington uses everything from military intelligence to commercial organizations to remove foreign governments that it considers unwanted. At the same time,  increasing its firepower, establishing military bases across the world.
The current American "empire" consists of over 1,400 military bases in more than 120 countries. Meanwhile, Russia has only 12 military bases, one of which is in Syria that the Americans are currently trying to close down. Washington tried to do the same in Crimea, he said.

The American government doesn't act on behalf of its people, but serves to the interests of largest US corporations, the WikiLeaks founder said.

The US government uses unorthodox methods to achieve its objectives — such as the use of mercenaries and other third parties to fight its wars, Assange said.


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