Update on #Fight4Royalty Chris Brown Wins 50/50 custody

 This custody war  for royalty  seems  to be  going in in favour of chris brown in the early stages  as the judge presiding over the case  shot down Guzman's motion to move the case to California on the premise that she was living in the Houston area when the case was filed.
Breezy is currently not present at the court.

*New Update

Chris Brown just scored an enormous victory in his child custody war with his baby mama ... he got joint custody of Royalty, and he gets to take Royalty home today ... TMZ has learned. 
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After Brown and Nia Guzman squared off in a Houston court Friday morning, Chris came out victorious .  According to TMZ, Guzman not only wanted to deny Chris any custodial rights, she also only wanted to give him supervised visitation.

The judge disagreed and  Chris and Nia will  now have to share 50/50 physical custody, with Royalty going back and fourth every 4 days. Both Chris and Nia now live in L.A.

And Chris, who was in court represented by Mark Geragos, scored another victory. The judge ordered him to pay Nia $2,500 a month in child support, which is exactly what he's been paying her. She wanted $15k.

The judge also ordered Nia not to talk crap on Chris and not reveal anything about the case on social media. 

I hour ago

According to TMZ, Nia Guzman who lives in California wants the case to be moved to california because California courts tend to award more money in child support cases than Texas and Nia wants Chris to pay $15k instead of the $2,500 per month he is currently paying.

The hearing's still going on -- the judge still has to hash out a custody arrangement, and rule on the gag order Chris wants to stop Nia from bad mouthing him.
Strange that Chris no-showed ... since he was already in Texas. He performed Thursday night in Dallas.
Will keep you updated.


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