15 year old Suspect Arrested on Talk Talk Cyber Attack

UK internet service provider TalkTalk was recently hacked leaving millions of customers at risk. The firm’s websites have been hacked at least three times in the past year, allowing criminals to capture names, email addresses, account numbers and bank details. A boy of 15 has been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the cyber-attack on TalkTalk. The teenager was taken into custody after police raided his family home in Northern Ireland. A forensic team continued to comb the boy’s house for clues last night after obtaining a search warrant hours earlier. Computer experts are also carefully examining the boy’s PC and other gadgets for links to the data breach.A spokesman for the technology giant said: ‘TalkTalk can confirm that we have been informed by the Metropolitan Police of the arrest of a suspect in connection with the cyber-attack on our website on October 21. Culled:LindaIkejiFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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