A Message to Nigeria At 55

Today as Nigerians and Nigeria celebrate the formation called Nigeria, we at #1Creek , greet all Nigerians and wish Nigeria the development and the goodwill to leave the third world status to a first class nation.

Nigeria whose formation many us of has regarded for so long as a mistake and have predicted it's division, yet the spirit of Nigeria and Nigerians have defied this prediction of doom.

Kudos to all Nigerians, whether you share the ideology of unity in diversity or not! Nigeria is still one at 55! Congrats.

After the travails and troubles, from Boko Haram to the presidential election, Nigeria has stood and is still standing, we commend you.

Congrats to Muhammadu Buhari, the Newly elected Nigerian president who has shown he is ready for the change he promised his people and hopefully he achieves it.

Nigeria is One and will remain One.

Happy Independence,Nigeria
1Creek Team


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