AMAECHI: Why Patience Pays by Prof

     Fortune favors the brave, goes an ancient proverb. The brave will always leave their comfort zones to embrace challenges that can make or mar their existence and this adage applies to Rotimi Amaechi, the self-styled General of the common sense revolution,  who is a man of many trials, many triumphs.
       The judgement of the Supreme Court shot him into national prominence. Mr Obasanjo had opined that his candidacy had k-leg (a new word in our political lexicon, which means the process that led to his election as a governor of Rivers was not without hitches). Mr Amaechi fought that political war up to the apex court and came out unscathed.
        Another trouble came his way,  when Mrs Patience Jonathan interrupted his speech at Okirika, the home town of the former first lady, concerning the planned demolition of Okirika waterfront, which started  the Amaechi-Patience-drama.
Amaechi's bag of troubles became full when he went against  the Jonathan administration's allocation of two oil blocs that allegedly belonged to the people of Rivers State to Bayelsa State, Mr Jonathan's state.
         However, the battle line was drawn when Mr Jonathan perceived Amaechi's plan of contesting for the 2015 general elections as the Vice President to Sule Lamido, the ex-governor of Jigawa State.
This led to Mr Jonathan going on the offensive.
To be continued
Prof Balogun  is a seasoned critic, orator and teacher, a graduate of political science and is versed on issues of local and international politics and Conspiracy theory. Balogun is from Nigeria.

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