Amaechi: Why Patience Pays Part 2 by Prof

First,  the former president of Nigeria started with the Nigerian Governors Forum(NGF),  and this was  the era of political mathematics when Nigerians were taught that the Figure 16 was greater than 19 but Amaechi triumphed with the NGF fractionalized.
Also, towards the general elections, state apparatuses were deployed against Mr Amaechi, all to coerce him into submission but
          The 2015 general elections came and passed with Rivers State witnessing the gory bloodletting. The state was turned into a theater of political brigandage by the reckless and desperate presidency and the stubborn opposition superintendented by Mr Amaechi. Lives were lost. Hundreds of property were vandalised. Conscience was murdered. Mandate was stolen. Behold, the Wike administration was born in Rivers state.
No! the APC went to the tribunal to seek redress! Mr Amaechi was rubbished and villied as a looter and betrayer that should not be seen with the new sheriff, Mr Buhari. To them, Mr Amaechi was a betrayer because he dissed his own brother, Mr Jonathan, for an outsider, Mr Buhari.
          To stop his nomination as a minister, looter's theory gained steam and pace among his adversaries. Advertorials were bought in major newspapers to pillory and inveigh Mr Amaechi. Panel was hurriedly constituted to stop his ministerial screening. A fictitious organisation, Integrity Group, emerged to champion the course of Mr Wike. This group wrote the petitions that had his screening postponed three times.
            Here we are today with two victories within three days, Mr Amaechi was screened and he is now a minister - designate, and the Rivers State election, annuled by the state electoral tribunal. Patience is a virtue of the brave.
           Though, the PDP plans to appeal the judgement,  Mr Amaechi is enjoying this moment. But it is good for him to borrow an ancient wisdom that never decide the victory until the war ends. Mr Amaechi's patience has paid off but he should realise that Mr Wike is a scorched snake.
            Additionally, the re-election offers the Nigerian public, notably the Buharists and the Jonathanians, a rematch on the claim that the APC can't penetrate the South-South.  Let hope it would not lead to a penalty shoot-out, another constitution of a new electoral tribunal.
           Well, the Lion of Ubima, general of the  common sense revolution, nemesis of the Jonathanians, should enjoy and celebrate these victories with his eye on the re-election. A word is enough for the wise.
Prof Balogun  is a seasoned critic, orator and teacher, a graduate of political science and is versed on issues of local and international politics and Conspiracy theory. Balogun is from Nigeria.

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