Is this Ministerial team the Change team For Nigeria?

  I bet the whole of Nigeria has been following the current trending issue in one of Africa's largest nation's politic which is the Ministerial Screening, we have seen the orators, the intellectuals and the "bow and go" set. As funny as that sounds ,  this issue which the whole of Nigeria is following very keenly is very fundamental to the change which the new regime has promised to achieve. It is true that the head i.e the President is ready to effect the change but you know as well as i do that, the head will only struggle and work aimlessly if the other parts of the body(Ministers/FEC) fail to deliver or imbibe the attitude and vigor with which the President of Nigeria attacks the issue of changing Nigeria. The fundamental Question, Is this ministerial team, the change team? What Criteria was used in Picking these people? The ListFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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