Martian Goes Top Of Box Office

"The Martian" dominated the North American box office in its first week in theaters, taking in $55 million, industry estimates showed Sunday.

The critically-acclaimed blockbuster starring Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars was a hit with the general public as well, taking in nearly twice the average daily revenue as its closest rival from Friday to Sunday.

In a distant second was "Hotel Transylvania 2," which scared up $33 million after leading the box office last week.

The sequel, featuring an all-star cast voicing animated ghouls, has brought in $90.5 million in its two weeks in theaters, according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

The thriller "Sicario," featuring Benicio del Toro as a brooding and shadowy agent on a counternarcotics task force, jumped from tenth to third over the weekend, taking in $12.1 million.

In its second week in theaters, "The Intern" fell from second to fourth, with $11.6 million in box office receipts.

The film stars Robert De Niro, who at 70 takes an internship at a fashion website whose founder is played by Anne Hathaway.

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