#Ministerial-screening and Change, What is the connection?

Just witnessed the screening of two Nigerian ministerial nominee, Adebayo Shittu and Khadijah Abah-Ibrahim, and given the fact that Nigerian government is poised towards achieving the "change", today's screening didn't really guarantee the Nigerian senate or politic is willing to achieve that change. Adebayo Shittu First Barrister Adebayo Shittu Adebayo who was a former Commissioner for Justice and  an Attorney General from Oyo state was screened and obviously the man with his presentation proved he was a blunt man and that attitude almost exposed some controversial issues due to this. The man was bombarded with questions from boko haram to his publications "path to paradise", the hajj stampede scenario among other things but the most controversial incident that happened during the session was when a senator from kogi, Danjuma Goje asked Adebayo Shittu on his election tribunal case against the incumbent governor of Oyo state. In Goje's statement, who was the chairman of the team that organised the primary election that led to the selection of the current governor of oyo state, Abiola Ajumobi under the APC actually said, he advised the ministerial nominee to step down given the fact that it's always hard if not impossible to beat an incumbent at the primaries. What exactly has that question got to do with Barr Shittu becoming a minister? Also for a party built on the ideology of "change", that type of attitude or advice is inappropriate. Khadija Abba The second nominee screened was Khadijah Abba who has been in government for over 9 years along side her husband who is currently a senator, his third time and a 2 time governor The lady simply read her CV, mentioned a few achievements and to top it all, the senate president, Bukola Saraki asked the husband ,   Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim who was present if he had any question, and the husband simply asked , how would you feel if the senate told you to bow and go? Funny but infact ridiculous, this is a diversion from what was earlier promised by the senate, that the nominees were going to be properly scrutinized and it was not going to be  business as usual. The question is, does this ministerial screening symbolize the change Nigeria is undergoing?  Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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