Twitter Mourns Glen in Walking Dead

Am  not a very ardent watcher of the AMC series , The Walking dead but i watched Season 1-6.  and there  was this guy that looks like he is from the orient, his name is Glen and while watching the series he was  one of my favorite character after the dark lady with the sword, and the kid with the Hat. Infact i believed they whole clique, Rick and the whole crew from the initial stage were the ones who kept me glued to the series because with them came a sort of hope that there was a way out of the zombie situation. Trust me, the film drew you in ,  even if you don't want to. So now apparently,my guy from the orient, has just been killed and am just trying to  restraining myself from saying a four-lettered word and ask AMC, why the **** did he have to die? Enough people had already from the first crew but am not the only one venting at this spoiler, Twitter is with me, Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen GlenFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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