Black Friday Experience: Awesome or Awful?

Your Black Friday Experience, Was it Good, Bad, super-amazing or super awful?

Hmm, today is Black Friday and for those that don't know or think from the way the name looks or sound, represent some hideous thing.

Sorry it's not, infact it is a good thing,  although i have issues with the name Black Friday, couldn't the creator of the name , find something else? but it is all part of the marketing strategy i guess.

#BlackFriday is basically about shops/online stores and retailers offering huge discount like up to 90% on amazing products some of us have dreamed of but is beyond our reach because of the price.

So every November 27 is #Black Friday, so have been hearing comments about different stores from Africa, Europe and North America.

Asia ain't included because they had their #Singlesday some weeks ago.

So what was your Black Friday experience like in your country?


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