Blackberry back in the game with Blackberry Priv

  Blackberry By dropping its own operating system and jumping ship to Google's Android, BlackBerry has opened the doors to every app you could want. In one move, the company has addressed the biggest issue it’s had for the last four or five years. Priv, as BlackBerry will no doubt repeatedly state, stands for Privacy. Historically, Android hasn’t had the greatest reputation when it comes to security and BlackBerry is addressing this with an app called DTEK that comes pre-installed on the phone. Like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Edge, the Priv boasts a display that curves slightly away on each side. At 5.4-inches, it’s considerably larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. The phone’s biggest feature is hidden underneath: a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Anyone that used a slider phone back in the early 2000s will be in familiar territory here. Like the touchscreen, the keyboard is capacitive, meaning you can brush it to skim or scroll through text or pages. An incredibly neat bonus is the ability to assign shortcuts to each key. So, for example, you can set the ‘I’ key to launch the Instagram app or ‘f’ to do the same with Facebook. The back of the phone is covered with a rubbery grip that means it won’t slip out of your fingers if you’re sliding the keyboard out with enthusiasm. MoreFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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