Missy Elliot is Back!

"Can Missy Elliot Stand the Competition"?   Missy Elliot Missy Elliot Before the Nicki Minajs, the Azaleas, we had one female who made us appreciate rap by the female sex and it is no other than Missy Elliot, and after 10 years! 10 years ! ladies and gents , Missy Elliot drops a new video ,  titled, where they from(WTF),  featuring Pharell. Some say it is a diss track against miley cyrus , although am not really sure about that but i know one thing is clear, Missy just came back from retirement and she is totally killing it and if you are  in doubt, see others comment on the Video Missy Elliot3 elliot2 ELLIOT0 ELLIOT6 Elliot The video has all the typical missy elliot elements,  Puppets , break-dancing etc Does this mark a comeback into the industry? will she be able to challenge the new generation female rappers?Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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