We can’t continue to be the policemen of the world- Trump

For the first time, am with trump on this one, "We can't continue to be the policemen of the world" that's smart talk
Presidential race front runner ,Donald Trump  on Tuesday came under fire from his fellow Republican candidates last night over his views on Syria and Vladimir Putin and here is the main gist of the #GOPDebate that was held yesterday. Trump was reported to have said, "If Putin wants to go and knock the hell out of ISIS, I am all for it, 100 percent, and I can’t understand how anybody would be against it,” Trump said during the fourth Republican presidential debate. "We have to get smart. We can’t continue to be the policemen of the world," Trump said, adding that the possible bombing of a Russian plane by militants meant "he cannot be in love with these people. He's going in and we can go in The billionaire mogul was accused of failing to grasp "how the real world works" with his "simplistic and unrealistic" opinions on the crisis in the Middle East. Trump, who has led opinion polls in the 2016 Republican race for months, praised Putin's efforts to fight Islamic State militants and said he would back the Russian leader "100 percent" in that effort. SourceFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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