The tragic story of a 17year old

The tragic story of a 17-year-old Honduran boy shows the desperation and hope that drive thousands of children to attempt the dangerous journey to 'the North'. OMOA, Honduras, December 2015 – “Once in Mexico, I took the train to the United States. But I fell and lost my leg. I was there, where one wagon joins another... I think I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I was already on the tracks.” © UNICEF LACRO/2014/González Bryan (name changed), a 17-year- old from Honduras, lost his leg while riding a freight train, attempting to reach the United States. This is one part of the story of Bryan*, a 17-year-old from Honduras who last year undertook the most daring journey of his life: He traveled to ‘the north’, accompanied only by his 16-year-old cousin. Bryan did not know anyone in the US and had no clear idea what to do there. But his desperation was stronger than all the reasons not to go. “The only thing I wanted was to get there to ... I don’t know, to help.” he says. "I want to continue studying, but I cannot, because we do not have sufficient resources,” says Bryan, who in stature and appearance seems younger than he is. "Now I feel bad, because all I did was useless," he says.



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