Jon Stewart back to the Daily Show with #WorstResponders

When he left the show some few months ago, we were sad to see Jon stewart leave the daily show but now he is back( not as an anchor) but as a guest and as an activist cum advocate.

Ladies and Gents! Jon stewart is back to the daily show.

Jon Stewart made a pretty huge return to The Daily Show tonight to lobby on behalf of 9/11 first responders for a health care bill being held up in Congress.

He riffed a bit with Noah about how messed up it is that there are senators who actually have a problem with legislation taking care of those first responders before showing off his trip to D.C. with a group of them.

Stewart traveled around to a few senators’ offices “to see if shame works.” He eventually managed to confront Senator Rob Portman, who ended up supporting the legislation.

But it was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that faced most of Stewart’s wrath. He went through the “purely political reasons” McConnell isn’t supporting the legislation and said he clearly “doesn’t give a shit about anything but politics.”

Watch Here


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