Extremists group responsible for 40 percent of Journalists death in 2015

Islamic radical groups, such as al-Qaeda and Daesh (Islamic State), are responsible for 40 percent of journalists’ deaths in 2015, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said Tuesday.

"Of 69 journalists killed for their work in 2015, 40 percent died at the hands of Islamic militant groups such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. More than two-thirds of the total killed were singled out for murder," CPJ said in a report, published on its website.

The report said that radical groups killed 28 journalists this year, nine of them were killed in France, which became the second most dangerous country for the press in 2015 after Syria. CPJ added that the number of journalists’ deaths in 2015 was higher than in the previous year, with 61 killed while performing their duty in 2014.

The report explained that the declined number of journalists killed in Syria this year reflects the reduced number of press-related professionals working in the country, as many local journalists fled their homeland, while international media outlets preferred not to send staff to the conflict-torn country.


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