9-year old wants PS4 for Xmas and guess what he got?

Nine-year-old Scott Lundy's excitement at getting the one present he wanted for Christmas turned to horror when he saw what was really in the package - a wooden block and an obscene message. Scott's father, Brian Lundy of Wakefield, Massachusetts, says his son was so thrilled when he opened up his PlayStation4 that he excitedly cried 'This is the best Christmas present ever!' But it would quickly turn to the worst one.

Inside the PS4 box wasn't an electronic game console - but a wooden block cut to the exact specifications of the package, reports Fox 25 Boston. And Scott's parents were even more horrified at what was on the wooden block - a drawing of a penis with the un-Christmasty words of 'From c*ck and balls with love.' Scott's stepmother, Kristin, said that after the little boy saw the block, he was horribly disappointed. 'He's crying and he's upset and he's in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone at that point. I was crushed,' she told Fox 25

The couple took the device back where they got it - to the Target in Saugus. According to the couple, Target was not a Grinch. 'They not only gave us a new game system but they also gave us a $100 gift card as well as an additional game - the original game that was supposed to be in the box. Couldn't have been any kinder,' said Kristin. As for why there was a block in the box instead of a game console - and why there was a crude message on it too - no one seems to really know. Target would only say that 'it happens occasionally,' according to Kristin. Target released a statement to Fox 25, saying 'We never like to disappoint our guests and are thankful for our store team's quick response to make things right.' As for what little Scott thinks happened, Brian says his son believes a 'rogue elf' is to blame for the bizarre mix-up.

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