Questions about Gbemi- Olagbagi and the OIumofin brothers Rift #CreekIT

To be candid, 2016 is indeed the year of the headlines !

From day 1 we've been hit by big blockbuster stories especially from Nigeria.

From the Olamide Vs Don Jazzy and other beef going on in the industry , the new beef in town is the story of  Lagos based- radio station , Beat 99.9fm On-Air-Radio(OAP) , Gbemi-Olateru- Olagbagi against some brothers, The  Olumofin brothers (Dokun and Joro).

Believe me when i say i agree with Linda Ikeji that the work of Nigerian bloggers in Nigeria in 2016 is quite easy as the drama in the country never seizes to stop.

When  i saw the story of the rift between the two, all i could say is Gbemi was at fault just by looking at these tweets;

Gbemi12 Gbemi

What do you say? Do you agree with me that Gbemi is at fault? If No, you might say there is no smoke without fire, so what prompted Gbemi's outburst?

As at the time of this report we don'tknow, so we would use the situation on ground to judge the matter.

First, regardless of what might have prompted the outburst, Gbemi is an online personality , a public figure, who i know understands the dynamics of social media, so by throwing the shade, she knew what was coming before she decided to throw caution to wind.

Also , the question every one who has read the story is asking , is it any business of Gbemi if these guys live their lives the way they do? and tell us Ma! who is a social climber?

None of her business, except  if she is stepping up for Toolz who is her co-worker and whose wedding , coming up ending of this month caused all this palava and who i must say made a silly statement which could ruin her wedding plans and her friend circle.

This statement showed ever sign of hypocrisy!


and what is your business if they are social climbers? did you jump to where your current position, you also climbed through various means you cannot mention.

To each with is own, ma!

Meanwhile, from the evidence, we have seen, Gbemi was wrong by attacking these dude and his brother but the insult was too much, but Gbemi had it coming by shading someone on social media which i must say is a platform which has all the characteristics of the "State of Nature" , you are bound to be ridiculed beyond measure, Meek Mill is a major example.

Right now, Gbemi is in that Meek Mill position and the shades won't stop for a while , so the best thing for her is to just keep mute and let the guy continue to rant as it is evident he has no shame whatsoever.

And trust me, you always lose in a fight with a man who has nothing to lose

Also the guy by insulting a woman   shows he lacks proper upbringing, a spoilt brat.

Gbemi99 Gbemi98 Gbemi09

hmmm, wait a minute, what if these was also a  negative publicity stunt? That method of advertising is very popular nowadays as people now use that means to promote albums, and their products.

This  case is no different, as the guy in his rant mentioned his plan of opening a dating website, and he named it, and he also mentioned Gbemi's shoes. so there might be a slight probability it might be, but our verdict is this, Gbemi was guilty and had no right insulting anybody and the guy gave her the cut in the wrong way.

He should have acted as the bigger man!

Let's see who comes out of this, the mature one! Who will, Gbemi or the Brothers?


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