Tolu Ogunlesi denies report of using Pseudonym on Economist article calling Jonathan “Ineffectual buffoon”

Journalist ,  Tolu Ogunlesi has denied writing The Economist article, in which harsh chaste was meted out to former President Goodluck Jonathan and incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the blunt article, Jonathan was the recipient of the greater ridicule with him being described an ‘ineffectual buffoon’.

While the article appeared in bad taste to a larger percentage of the Nigerian social media demography, pro-Jonathan elements fingered Tolu Ogunlesi as the author of the scathing piece.

Starting on Friday, the accusations flipped over to Saturday- when it became a major trending subject after some online mediums published reports suggesting that Ogunlesi wrote the article for The Economist.

But he has gone on where it all started- Twitter, to deny penning the piece.

Ogunlesi said it’s not in his nature to remain anonymous when ‘making journalistic comments about people’, while noting that he would draft a letter to the publication that ‘fabricated the allegation’.

The journalist said he would demand for an apology for the false report.


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