U.S divided : Ted Cruz, Rifle association protest Obama’s actions on firearms, Hollywood stars support

Ted Cruz is protesting Obama's executive actions limiting firearms sales by giving away an engraved shotgun.

The GOP presidential candidate sent out an email to supporters Tuesday inviting them to enter the contest for free, to "win my engraved shotgun!"

The email includes a photo of Cruz wearing blaze orange hunting gear, holding a gun.

At the bottom it reads, "P.S. You can further support the cause by chipping in $35 (or another amount) after you enter to win my free, engraved shotgun."

However, A slice of Hollywood is tweeting support for President Barack Obama's executive actions on guns.

Celebrities Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Amy Schumer, Janelle Monae and Elizabeth Banks went on Twitter to applaud Obama's announcement. And Obama's aides happily retweeted their expressions of support.

Schumer tweeted: "Let's go. We can (hashtag)StopGunViolence.' Schumer was in the White House East Room for Obama's announcement Tuesday. She became a voice for gun control after three people were fatally shot last summer at a Louisiana screening of her blockbuster film, "Trainwreck."

Washington, star of television's "Scandal," thanked Obama for "taking these steps to make us ALL safer."

Moore thanked him for "stepping up and taking action when Congress won't."

Obama announced a series of non-legislative steps to tighten firearms sales in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association says President Barack Obama's executive actions on gun control are "ripe for abuse" and lack seriousness


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