Linda Ikeji is not a blogger by T.I.A

This is not an attention-seeking piece, and if you don't believe, the choice is yours but have had to point this out a long time.

I checked, and still it did not fit.

@Linda Ikeji! You all know her , don't you?

In case you don't know she is nigeria's no 1 blogger and a successful one at that.

So you see the more reason , some will regard this post as attention-seeking.

That's by the way.

Back to the issue.

First, what is blogging?

Blogging is practically a platform which serves as an extension of your personal self especially if you have got the writing flare.

Blogging is meant to showcase happening in your personal life , if it's niche is lifestyle. Also it may showcase articles on different issues depending on the niche you pick. Even at that, there should be a feeling of informality surrounding it. However, blogging has for a long time turned from just a showcase of our personal lives and lifestyle to a full-time news reporting platform.

Even this platform am writing on is exactly following this trend, and I don't blame them, they can't help but follow the same trend.

So accepted, blogging nowadays means news reporting, rumour spreading etc.

You get it all on the blogs.

There are over 6,000,000 blogs in the world today, so the competition is really very tough but Nigeria's Linda ikeji's has managed for the past 8 years to overcome that competition by staying at the top of the table in Africa at least.

Why then is she is not a blogger?

Given my experience with bloggers, I manage to know there are some things involved in this dynamic world of blogging.

For your blog to be considered as a standard blog and a quality one.

Social media experts state the following. 1, SEO 2, Content.

These are two key words, I know social media expert harp on all the time and Nigeria's finest has none of this and yet she is ranked in the top 1,000 blogs in the world( although not exactly 1,000, a few numbers after 1,000 though)

SEO involves a lot of things, from the colour, theme and structure of your site.

Linda Ikeji is reported to have been blogging since 2007 and yet for the past 9 years, the interface of this Africa's No 1 blogger is yet to change!

If SEO is anything to go by, Linda Ikeji is not a standard blog, it's does not even have a menu.

You might say, people like simplicity but that does not apply to SEO.

Secondly, the content!!! Linda Ikeji, I must give her that is the mother of copy cats( mind you this platform copies too) but an incident in 2010 which involved copyright issues with a certain Ay dee who is now a popular sensation on nigerian twitter due to the rift, made linda begin the idea of giving her copied post credit.

There is no way a blogger will do without copying, that is a fact but at least once in a while, Miss Linda, write something which is original.

By dwelling on issues prevalent in your immediate society, originality tends to surface in your write-up because you are writing based on something you are conversant with.

You don't have to attack or criticise, just write and contribute your opinion as part of the elite.

Like the Chibok girls, you as a woman should have given your opinion.

You guys might say, it's an entertainment blog.

True but there comes a time when you reach the level which this lady has gotten to and what you need do is impact on your society through the platform that feeds you.

Although she has these empowering schemes that she runs which I must give her kudos.

She spends a lot on them.

The last one I heard about one of her schemes is that she gave about 10m to each of the women.

That's good but that does not subtitute the fact of being part of the discourse.

If you are afraid of taking sides, there are various topics that won't even affect your sponsors in any way.

So if going by the books, and experts advise on how to be successful through blogging is anything to go by.

Linda ikeji is not a blogger, she does not plan her post, am not sure she knows what engagements or impression means or all that technical hulla-baloo.

Neither does she even know her Alexa ranking because she is not even bothered because her traffic has not dwindled and these technicalities by many social media experts have done nothing to her blog by not following them.

Linda is not a blogger, but a woman who runs a simple platform without hassle or strive for competition.

She is blogging like there is no competition and that I think works for her.

Please do something about writing about issues, stop posting only pics and captioning it ( that's what i would call the blog post) under your metro stories and intended society-impact stories.

Linda you are the change, you have a cult( a following) many of us can do without checking the blog everyday. Use that power!!

Her simplicity in blogging is infectious but she is not a blogger.


5 thoughts on “Linda Ikeji is not a blogger by T.I.A

  • February 16, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Mr Creek, I wont accuse you of seeking attention because you appear to be sincere in your piece claiming Linda Ikeja is not a blogger. However, you exhibited a lot of ignorance on what blogging really is, and how you get ranked which will make a lot of people doubt your sincerity. Contrary to your conclusions, Linda Ikeji is not only blogger, she is the TOP Blogger in Nigeria and definitely in the top 10 in africa ANYWAY you define the list.

    As a matter of fact, i will go ahead and say Linda Ikeji is a PURE BLOGGER and what she chooses to blog about is her business and not really yours. Thats the whole idea of blogging to begin with. A blog is your on personal Pulpit, your own diary, and your own canvass to paint whatever you want one. It is presumptive of you to think you know more than linda what she should b talking about on her blog.

    However, since you appear sincere but really un-informed about meaning of blogging and what it takes for a blog to become ranked by google, or respected by ranking sites like, you need some education yourself…and i will be more than happy to throw more light into your darkness of understanding…

    1. BLOG APPEARANCE – Contrary to your rookie comments, how the graphics on your site looks is IRRELEVANT to your ranking. Googlebots cannot read read PICTURE OR GRAPHICS and it does not count as part of the SEO ranking (graphics are only great to make your sit more eye pleasing for visitors). So your comment that her graphics are not fine or never changes is absolutely out of place when it comes to site ranking. What gives you ranking is CONTENT and not Graphics or look.

    As a matter of fact most of the TOP ranking sites in the world have REMAINED THE SAME FOR DECADES….. That is why the top most ranked sites in the world like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter HAVE ESSENTIALLY MAINTAINED THE SAME LOOK with very few modifications to their appearance in the last 10 years. In fact, some of the most highly raked ites in the world are VERY UGLY.

    2. KEYWORDS AND SEO – While you are correct in saying KEYWORDS play a big part in ranking of sites, you are VERY WRONG to say Linda Ikeji blog has no seo or Linda does not do anything about keywords. Linda is actually ranked #1 in NIGERIA for more than 1,000 keywords by google.
    It may be true that she did not do it consiciouly, but that is probably why she is ranked so high on so many keywords because the google bots can smell a contrived or manipulated keyword stuffing and then penalize a blog using keywords that do not occur naturally. Google, as well as other ranking sites, expect your keywords to appear naturally in the context of your content and since LINDA DOES NOT STUFF HER ARTICLES TRYING TO RANK FOR KEYWORDS, GOOGLE BOTS CAN SEE THAT AND THEY REWARDED HER SITE WITH BETTER RANKING. She is top is so many keywords simply becos SHE BLOGS CONSISTENTLY EVERYDAY WITH NEW CONTENT.

    Contrary to your amateur thinking, it is not really the blogger that will determine for the google bots rank their blogs for, (though many try, and even charge lots of companies to help them rank, but often they tried too hard and get penalized for keyword stuffing) site for. Google algorythms look at your CONTENT and see how many times you NATURALLY used some keywords and then rank you for them relative to content from other sites.

    Linda gets #1 on most keywords simply because of the prolific blogging everyday and all keywords used in each article count as keywords on her site, whether she even recognized them or not. So ver-time she dominates those keywords effortlessly bcause she simply out-blogs everyone else on those keywords EVERYDAY.

    3. SITE MENU – You also claimed that one of your reasons for saying Linda Ikeja is not a blogger is because her site does not have a menu. On the contrary, the like of menu on her site is what makes her a PURE BLOGGER. Blogs are originally ONE PAGE websites with no menu and no other pages other the one page that you blog on. It is true that people have now expanded blogging to the point where there is really no difference between a website and a blog, but Linda Ikeji remains one f the FEW PURE BLOGS IN THE WORLD TODAY simply because her blog remained the CLASSIC design. Pls google meaning of ‘BLOG’ or ‘difference between blogs and websites’ and you may find yourself inclined to apologise to Linda

    As i said in the begining, I dont think you are being mischievous, or trying to gain attention (though it is difficult to deny that when you choose to pick on the #1 blog in Nigeria in your write-up). I just think you lack sufficient understanding about the topic you were discussing , and that led you to the wrong conclusions you did on lindai ikeji’s blog

    • February 16, 2016 at 8:53 am

      Thank you very much for your comment. The write-up is exclusively the writers opinion, it does not reflect our opinion.

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