Donald trump on a revenge mission, promises to attend next Fox News debate

Donald Trump says he will attend the next Fox News debate on March 3, even with Megyn Kelly co- moderating, a week after skipping the network's debate in Iowa to hold his own event. “No, I’ll be there. I have no objection to being there, and that had nothing to do with Megyn Kelly," the Republican candidate told Steve Malzberg on his Newsmax program on Friday, addressing his upcoming attendance at the event in Detroit. As Trump has remarked repeatedly throughout the course of the last week, the impetus for his boycott came from a mocking Fox News release that rubbed him the wrong way. "The fact that I went out of the last one had to do with a memo that was sent out by Fox that was a little bit taunting, and I said it was inappropriate," he said. "And what happened is because I didn’t do it, I raised $6 million for the vets. So I wouldn’t have changed places. I mean, I did the right thing.” Trump's failure to show at the Iowa debate may have hurt his chances in Monday's caucuses, Ted Cruz's pollster wrote Tuesday in assessing his candidate's victory. "The last week saw Trump skip the final debate, a move that cost him substantially with traditional caucus goers," wrote Bryon Allen, a partner at Wilson Perkins Allen Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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