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Life of the upcoming entertainer “only does who dare to seek fortune, find it” “hard work won’t kill you” N*b “Try to read this, if you can’t read the whole article at once, read it in piece meal” This piece is dedicated to the hustling musician and man

Seeing the Sky on a clear night, makes you appreciate its beauty because you see the great but seemingly small Stars that adorn it which gives the Skies it's breadth-taking radiance.

On a clear night, you tend to see almost all the stars clearly but on a blurry Night, you just see a few twinkles from the few stars who dare to shine.

This analogy I wish to apply to the "Life of the Upcoming entertainer" specifically the musician, although this analogy applies to every "struggling man" in his career.

So for the upcoming artist, who has all the odds against him, the ultimate odd against him is "the path to stardom", he can't find it, albeit he has sought for it, why hasn't he found it, the Big issue.

The Sky represents the entertainment Space, the blurring is the various factors against the upcoming artist, and also I see the blurring or clouds as those "upcomers" who "think" they have the talent but while in fact, they do not have it, but think they will have it or do have it because they see "artists" do what they regard as "simple" but all they see is the material and all other benefits the artist enjoy, so by virtue of this, they use "simplicity “as an excuse 2 describe themselves as talented in that sphere. Hence, they venture into the Entertainment space, Corrupting it with their Cluelessness, thereby affecting the development and recognition of those that really have the talent, because it is these set of people that tend to appear on T.V, then make a mess of whatever it is they do, they are the ones that know the "creme de la creme"(top people) of society, and when they display what they call talent , "these elites" only see others that are upcoming but have the talents, in the same light as the "clueless lot"

Also the stars that outshine the others on a blurry night are those who are the "superstars", the made men, those who others look up to, while the other stars who you see only a very clear night but rarely show on a blurry night are you "The upcoming artiste".

One thing is certain "In Life there will always be a blur or cloud that will block your star's twinkle,” it is your mission to make sure you shine in the midst of the blur like those superstars. So how do you end, the "inferiority" that is attached with "upcoming" in the sphere of entertainment? There are 2 ways in my opinion and they are practical, although you might find it hard to accept. Let it be known, these opinions are based on the analysis of one of the most disadvantageous environment for any person or artist.

1, Leave the Music: Yes I mean leave the Music, don't do Music again! Yes for a while. Why? Accept it or Not, "Money removes Disrespect and Nonsense, Money adds Respect to you, although integrity and discipline do that for you, but money helps to accentuate these characteristics, because only a few people can manage integrity and discipline with Penury, because there is temptation, sooner or later, you will compromise. So, Money Removes Nonsense, I attended an event at one time, and there were various people from all walks of life, the rich, poor, the elite and the upcoming. At this event which was meant to be a public program and egalitarian nature, although to a large extent, the event was very egalitarian nature, I.e. there was no V.I.P seat, VVIP seat and all that "Elitist" paraphernalia, but as much as the organiser seek to make the setting very equal, it couldn't be entirely egalitarian(equal). At this event, there were certain things the front-runners/Elites were entitled to, that the "upcoming" was not entitled to, For instance, the man from the humble background, or the middle class man, had to queue to get his food Elites did not have to do that, because most of them sponsored the event while some although did not sponsor graced the event with their presence. So in a way, it is all about how much you have and are willing to give in life, so my advise to the upcoming musician "Leave the Music", there is a saying that says: "if something is meant to be yours, it will come back to you no matter how long". So, to the upcoming artist, leave the Music, Focus on something else, put your energy into it, and try to "make something substantial" for yourself. It might not be as much as what the CEO OF A big company makes but close to it and you will find yourself in the Elite group! Simple to say but Very hard !so after Making quite a substantial Stash , you can now decide whether to continue in the entertainment line or not, depending on whether it still appeals to you after years. Trust me, when you sing while you are established, Stardom becomes easy, because you are going to buy it.by buying it, I mean those things you were unable to do when you didn't have enough. For instance, You can promote your song, You can Make a lot of important contacts, Mix with the Elites, etc Money buys you that and respect because those elites will respect you and be willing to mingle with you, if you are established. but don't enter the entertainment Space, if you know you don't have the "flow" of earlier years as "upcoming" artist. Also Remember, if you use crooked ways to make the Money, your fame won't last long, and you will fall into disgrace, because know this for Fact, by virtue of stepping into Spotlight, all eyes are on you, people want to know about you, your present, your past.people will investigate you. if it was found, you stole to rise to fame or through some other clandestine methods, your fame will be your worst enemy, your fame will add a mutiplier effect to your disgrace. So Leave the Music, Find somethingElse to do, Work hard it, and Be Established. Then, you can now choose to continue or leave the music.

Stay with the Music: okay, by staying you disagree with the above then, so you can choose to stay in the music until the you star twinkles. How do is it twinkle in the most disadvantageous enviroment, where the blurriness is everywhere and there are some many clouds, who are jeopardising your chances to stardom, By staying with the Music, you are determined to "never give up and work harder to even be better" Yes, that quote from "Papilo's"(Kanu Nwankwo, Nigeria soccer star) peak milk advert is exactly what you need to stay in the Music and clear the clouds and Shine. So first Never Give Up; no matter what you encounter , you must not be discouraged.For instance, by staying in the Music, you have automatically signed a life-time contract with Music, you are never leaving Music except death Comes. For instance: when you go to a promoter or producer, and you give them your music, and they refuse you or hold on to it but never reply. Go to another, and Another until somebody listens.

To stay in the Music, is much harder, you have to save your feeding allowance, the gift of money etc and all other things and put it into your music. You have to visit the studio everytime like it's a school, because those superstars, practise all the time and take the "studio" as a second home, and you are asing yourself, where would you get the money for music session in the studio, you have to work hard, even go as far as starving yourself because it is the passion that drives for you to decide to stay in Music. Also, you have to set a plan on how to promote your song, Here, you have to be ready to be your music's ONLINE promoter, promoter, manager. BE READY TO GET INSULTED, PRAISED TO BE CONTINUED


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