Leicester City; The perfect fairy tale or mirage.

Their introduction into the English premier league did not really raise any expectations or suspicion of disrupting the statusquo of the big four last season.

They simply showed sign of a typical relegation club who wouldn’t last in the English premier league because of the high level of competition and fast-paced football.

Leicester this time last season was battling for top in the bottom three, struggling away from going back to where we thought they belonged (relegation).

In the end, they won the battle and escaped relegation.

Then, something happened, Leicester, the underdog at the beginning of the new season started on a fine form. This of course is not new in the EPL as other teams like Everton, tottenham, west ham and others that belonged to the typical class of “upsetters” all had a fine beginning but we all know it never lasted as these reign at the top always ended after a few weeks.

Surprisingly, Leicester who never belonged to the “upsetting class” was exhibiting a form which was quite strange.

Leicester was not just only upsetting the big four, by defeating them, it was maintaining it spot at the top.

Okay, we all thought the reign was going to end December/ January, thinking the gunners(Arsenal) was in for the cup this season.

We were dead wrong! Leicester extended their reign at the top till February, and its three months from the end of the season.

Leicester already has a  place in the Champions league next season, but can they go all the way by lifting the English premier league?

Will Leicester drop form at this level or would it , like Cinderella, end the season on an happy ever after note?


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