Nigeria and The Art of Blogging by T.I.A

Hmmm, where do I start?

What is blogging? There is no dictionary definition for it but blogging to me as a blogger is the ability to use a platform called a blog to express yourself in the most original way through writing.

So what's with Nigeria and blogging?

The advent of blogging in Nigeria can be traced back to the pioneers of the art, like Bella naija, Linda Ikeji, etc who started back in the early 2000's.

They can be credited with upsurge of bloggers in Nigeria today, not because they advocated for nigerians to start expressing themselves literally but because of the fortune , they later made out of it.

Yes, Most Nigerian bloggers blog because of the money.

Nigerian blogs are not exactly blogs anymore, they are now news outlets.

Blogging in Nigeria has been turned not to an avenue of being able to nurtue your writing flair but is now seen as the means of "making it".

Is this right? To an extent it is, because it is not everyday that you have the inspiration to write and also given the fact that the world is now " an online world", blogs tilting towards this trend is surely needed but there is a part that isn't right and this is the attitude of fabricating news and making up unecessary propaganda and rumours

Nigerian blogs are quite known for this than their ability to blog itself. Some make up story for traffic, Some make up story for popularity, Some even make up stories just to dent someonelse's image.

This is not right!

Nowadays, if you told a friend you saw a news which was yet to be brodcasted on the television or published in the newspapers, and he asks where? And you reply , that you saw it on a blog.

Your answer , 5 out of 10 is certain to be met with a sign of disgust or a loud hiss because blogsites and bloggers have been branded as rumour mongers.

This is not right! Get your news from confirm and trusted sources, before you feed the public the news. Although you are bound to make mistakes once in a while but it is better than carrying rumors.

Also imbibe the habit of just writing once in a while on issues that concern your country, continent and the world at large.

Express your view with originality and without prejudice and a hope of high level of traffic.

You as bloggers have the power by the use of your blog and with power comes great responsibility.

Responsibility to yourself to feed the public what is right, to point out and critise, to investigate, to change the narrative about your nation, Africa and to be part of the development of your nation, Africa and the World.


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