Nigeria Na Cemetery? by Segun Adeniyi

When they loot money, they keep it in Switzerland When they are sick, they go to Germany for medicals When they want to buy household utensils, they go to China When they want to invest for the future, they go to America When buying Mansions, they choose United Arab Emirate When on shopping spree, they travel to France When on holidays, they go to the Bahamas When they want to watch football, they go to Spain or England When their wives want to give birth they go to Ireland When they want to buy arms, they send their aircraft to South Africa with cash When educating their children, they select Canada When those children want to marry, they go to Dubai When they want to pray, they go to Mecca or Jerusalem When they are in their last days, they are flown abroad But after they die, they all want to be buried in Nigeria. Abeg! Help me ask them, Nigeria Na Cemetery? Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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