We Got Him -Salah Abdeslam captured in Brussels

Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam has reportedly been caught alive after being shot in the leg during an anti-teror raid in Molenbeek, Brussels.

The Belgian justice minister declared: "We got him."

Another man has been arrested and a third is reportedly "holed up" in a building.

Local media reports two people have been injured in the raid - one being Abdeslam and another being a police officer, Belgium's public broadcaster RTBF reported.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel left a European Union summit on the refugee crisis early as the raid unfolded.

Earlier today, Belgian federal prosecutors confirmed they found Abdeslam's fingerprints in a Brussels raid on Tuesday.

Abdeslam may have been one of the men who fled the raid on Tuesday, RBTF reported, but officials would not confirm whether he was present.

Abdeslam went on the run after appearing to have removed his suicide vest and fled the Paris attacks on 13 November which left 130 dead.

He lived in Molenbeek before the attacks.


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