I go Blow by T.I.A

I go blow is a slang, an idea, and a state of mind which simply means in other climes "I will hit the goldmine" . In the end, this phrase is a worldwide synonym for hustlers of all kinds, who are engaged in some form of work I.e hustle which they have a high level of belief as the means by which they will become successful.

So "I go blow" is mainly used in Nigeria, but the idea is a worldwide phenomenon.

So, nowadays especially in a clime like Nigeria. This word and the bid to "blow" or "make am" is very high especially among youths. This phenomena is so ubiquitous that even upcoming religious ministries use it as a means to cajole members.

Everybody simply wants to blow.

Like I said, this word is used and for "hustlers " and it cut across different level of engagements( work).

The first set of "hustlers" or people worldwide who are known to use this "phrase" are the "Musician set".

Now, I must note at this junction that the purpose of this article is to let all those who believe in the phrase, to continue to believe in their hard hustle( failures and achievements) rather than the "achievements or the living lie of those who have blown" I.e those who have hit the Gold mine.

To the musician set, the dream of every upcoming artiste is to reach that level of career where they will be on the same level like Jayz, Beyone, Rihanna, Cold Play, Adele, etc and all other A-list artistes of different genres and while some don't even want to reach that level but just be widely known in their nation or even in their state.

That is the main aim of many , if not every upcoming musician.

To achieve worldwide, nationwide or even street-hood fame.

Now, you must know that every upcoming artiste , no matter how lost he or she sounds has a fan.

So as of today, every musician has a fan base but the only problem is his or her fan base has not extended to the extent to which he wants to reach.

Now to the real question, the "I go blow" question.

How do you blow? Can you blow? Do you have what it takes to blow?

These are questions that plague the musicians mind.

Now using Nigeria as a case study; I must tell you without an iota of doubt that there is an amazingly high number of super talents among the upcoming musician in Nigeria who are just "aiming to blow" , at least to be on the same level as their local musicians, like Davido , Wizkid, and the likes.

But why aren't these set of upcoming artistes not "blowing" or making it as they should , given their talent?

The answer is corruption and competition.

First, being an upcoming musician in Nigeria is one of the hardest thing in the world.

These guys save their pocket money to record a track. Some of them steal from their parents, while some work to produce just one track! This is how some have continued and continued to believe that they will blow!

So as regards the Nigerian upcoming market, it is corrupt and very competitive.

Using the case study of these music talent show, and you see the horde of people who want to sing, then you see that the struggle is real. Over 5,000 people apply for the MTN project fame music reality show and yet only three or 4 win get to become finalists after weeks of coaching. The competition is very high and so as a result the idea of creating a music reality show is a fast- money making avenue because the market is continually increasing on a daily basis.

The thieves! These companies for example would invite on these reality shows "former-i-wanna-bes" who have "blown"(made it) to judge these upcoming artistes.

Imagine an Olamide Judging an "Ade Gold or an "Iyanya"

Olamide is one of nigeria's biggest artiste known for his very lewd songs which tends to get a lot of airplay.

Ade Gold is also a nigerian artiste who sings very conscious-Afropolitan music, and Iyanya too until Kukere happened.

So these reality shows bring those who have no idea of what music to analyse and judge these upcoming who during the duration of their stay at the competition are trained to make real music not "instrumentals".

How does that make sense? And you expect them to blow.

These reality shows train these upcoming artistes to make "conscious, nelly furtado, kinda of music in a Rihanna "work" kind of music world.

How would they sell?

One answer to an upcoming artite who plans to go through the reality show avenue.

You cannot blow!!! Except these lewd musical are phased out.

It's fact, mention 5 Nigerian artistes who are products of these reality tv shows who have made it or blown as a result of what they were taught at these academies?

Am not sure they are up to five.

These reality shows phenomena applies to all climes.

Apart from these two reasons, another reason , it is hard to blow is that those who have "blown"(made it) or are "blowing"(making it) don't want you anywhere near their space because they fear you might displace them if you finally blow.

Yes, some of these artistes who have blown only appreciate through word of mouth or don't even bother at all.

However, don't be fooled when you hear an artiste endorsing an upcoming.

It is more that what you see on social media.

That artiste must have known somebody who knows somebody that knows somebody who is a boss to the artiste in question.

Don't be fooled. Some of these upcoming artiste that blow that you see have been in the clique of these "blown" artiste for so long being an errand boy and in other glorified word "hype man" or you have a group of friends who are glorified "yahoo boys or better still, "wire boys", or "coke pushers" even, who are willing to support you, then you will surely get an endorsement from an artiste or artistes because "money is the language of the game"

This is not beef! It's reality of today's music industry.

So to the upcoming artiste, it is a tough task ahead. How do you get into the clique? Do you have internet fraudsters who believe in your talent? Are you ready to go through the hassle of queuing for project fame like you want to write a jamb exam?

If you are not willing to do any of this, then your journey to "blowing" is about to get tough. To be frank, the answer to blowing as an artiste! Nobody knows! Even those who are blowing or have blown don't know except those who have used crooked means( although I don't believe that, it is so old) So a simple advise, when you see artiste that have blown drive in Porshe cars, share pictures of amazing things they own. One thing given your nature, you would be intimidated but it's natural , but the mistake you should not make is let these "things" influence towards rushing at your aim by resorting to clandestine methods.

Simply use Olajumoke Orisaguna as a case study, although conspiracy theorists believe the story might not be what it is) just hustle, if it's working for you and you feel it, continue , plan and Grace will find you, but if you don't feel it, stop! And move on with your life.

You only live once, don't waste it that beautiful chance.


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