Opinion: To rest in peace in death is earned while alive by Olatunde A. Ojerinde

In the aftermath of the demise of Ekiti six doctors, the Chairman of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Ekiti, Dr. John Akinbote told reporters on his bed at Saint Gerald's Catholic Hospital, Kaduna that, "those who died would have survived if we got good medical attention from the point of the accident to the Doka General Hospital in Kaduna."

He went further to highlight the systemic professional failure of doctors, "It became worse when we got to Doka Hospital, THERE WAS NO DOCTOR to attend to us and the ONLY NURSE on duty HAD NO FIRST AID FACILITIES to administer treatment." (Quotes from HardBall, The Nation Friday, April 29, 2016)

Few posers: Where were the doctors on duty? They probably were in their privately owned hospitals; yet they collect full salary for being absent from primary duty post while they are busy growing their private estabs. Are these doctors less rogues than the Senators? Soon the caustic rhyme of "Soli soli soli.....solidarity forever" would rent the air! It's another call to earn more for their callousness.

With due regards to all emotions attached on this, are the dying and dead doctors too any different from their absentee colleagues, back in their stations? Don't they do the same?

And the nurses, when the doctors are not around, probably went gossiping or went to visit their concubines, in-laws, friends, or simply made business trips to hell.

One more, if a general hospital doesn't have facilities to administer first aid, what is available in there? It's probably meant to issue death certificate, as it would have done for the six doctors. Yet hundreds of people earn fat salary in the name of working in that ghostly described place.

I bet Saint Gerald's Catholic Hospital is a private hospital and Dr. Akinbode's life was spared. Akinbode most likely owns a private hospital as well; but I would restrain myself from saying "he too would probably have left his primary duty post to see to the blossoming affairs of his private hospital."

Why then do people curse their leaders? How different would any of these workers be when positioned at the top? I don't want to say the doctors got a real deal of what they usually do in their different stations; but facts simply point that way. Most General Hospitals in Nigeria have specialists/experts on their pay roll; but the doctors merely come to sign attendance while they spend official work hour in their private hospital. The little time spent at general hospital is grossly misalloted and critical task are hurriedly and often fatally done. They bark at patients in general hospital but these same "herds of persons" smile at patients in their privately established hospitals.

Why would God spare us the tragedy of our own evil? Had it not been for God's grace and magnanimity, you and I know what the fate of these public workers (doctors, police, all of them) ought to be. How many death are the doctors and nurses directly responsible for due to their inexplicable absence from duty? Don't bother about the police. Finally, to rest in peace in death is earned while alive; not by hypocritical supplication of anybody. A million tongues cannot change the records of the past, at least, not in GOD's record. In whatever capacity you may be, do your duty with diligence.

May GOD grant peace unto dead souls that strive to earn it.

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