Video: Father of Girl tries to attack Serial Killer in Court

Minutes after a judge told serial sex offender and serial killer Michael Madison he was to receive a lethal injection for murdering a girl, the girl's father Van Terry leapt across a table to exact revenge.

The man's 18-year-old daughter Shirelda Terry, and two other women, Angela Deskins, 38, and Shetisha Sheele, 28, were all murdered by the killer in Ohio in a 9 months perios. Their bodies were found in July 2013 by police near East Cleveland apartment where Madison lived.

(Fox 8 file photo)

Madison said he killed Deskins and Sheele but doesn't recollect killing Shirelda Terry.

During the court hearing yesterday, Shirelda's dad, who couldn't bare looking at the face of his daughter's murderer lunged into the man but was held back.

"Right now, I guess we're supposed to, in our hearts forgive this clown, who has touched our families, taken my child," he said as he was giving a victim-impact statement. After pausing briefly he turned to look behind him at Madison, who was sitting behind the defence table, before running towards the convicted killer and leaping full length over the table at him. As police wrestled the father to the floor, the girl's killer, Madison, 38, was seen laughing.

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