3 Things you need to know about the 1Creek 10 day ad!


Thank you for subscribing to our proposal  and as at the time of reading this article I bet you have already submitted you ad.

So let me give you the brief on the 1creek “ The Deal”

First it absolutely free with all the full benefits of advertising for the next 10 days( Ends July 9)

Why is it free?

This proposal is more of  a  fund-raiser for the blog contributors and any donation is not compulsory whatsoever but you can donate  any amount you have.

That’s settled!

What are the Full Benefits

*Free Social media marketing

*Ads daily on our Facebook page and *Facebook Shop

*Ads daily on our twitter page and Google plus pages

* 20 pics on our Instagram for the next days

* Over 50,000 impression guaranteed

*Over 3,000 engagements confirmed

*1 Sponsored post

Conversion depends on how good your product is

N*B The promo with the full benefits lasts only for 10 days

*Facebook Shop: With the new initiative by Facebook, we will feature your product on the social media shop (Exclusively for commodity- based customers)

Thank you for subscribing


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