The Big 5 today : Racist Killings everywhere , Ronaldo ends Wales and more

Is our world really Racist one? Today in our Big 5 , almost headlines are about racist killings. Read and reflect

It seems there is a new sport in Town called " Killing Blacks" and it is played only by American police as another Afrcan American is killed just barely 24-hours since Alton Sterling was killed

African American shot dead in Falcon Heights

Falcon heights

A 31-year-old black man was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop Wednesday night in Falcon Heights.

Authorities say St. Anthony Police were conducting a traffic stop when an officer fired at least one shot at Philando Castile in the car. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment, where he later died, family members confirmed.

Police say a woman and child were in the vehicle and witnessed the shooting. They were unharmed.

A nine-minute Facebook Live video, recorded by a woman who said she's Castile's girlfriend, apparently shows the aftermath of the shooting. In the video, the woman says police shot her boyfriend after he reached for his ID, which was in his wallet. She says her boyfriend, who was allegedly stopped for a broken taillight, told police the ID was in his wallet and that he was carrying a firearm, which he was licensed to do.

"Police shot him for no apparent reason," she said in the video, "no reason at all.”

#Euro2016Related image: Ronaldo ends Wales Fairytale ( 2-0)

Finally but unfortunately the welsh fairytale has ended .

After winning every game except losing a game against England, Wales was the favourite Related image at the European nation cup 2016.

Wales proved they were no longer underdogs when they beat No 2 best team, Belgium, 3- 1 in Lille during the Quarter Final.

This was more than enough to seal their place in European Championship history with Gareth Bale leading the charge and contributing a lot in the making of the feat but all this ended when wales came up against Ronaldo's Portugal.

Unlike Bale, who has had a fine outing since the beginning of the competition, Ronaldo;s performance was nothing short of mediocreRelated image except the game against Hungary where he gave us a taste of the Ronaldo many paid to watch during the tournament.

However, Before the Wales Vs Portugal game, many said the match was between Bale and Ronaldo. Although it wasn't really but Ronaldo's performance during the match moved from Mediocre to Fantastic.Related image

He scored with a header and made an assist which Nani scored.

Watch How it Happened

 Celebrities react to the killing of Alton Sterling Related image

Countless celebrities have taken to social media to share a powerful reaction to the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Father-of-five Sterling, 37, was shot several times while he was pinned to the ground by two police officers outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

His death has sparked a social media outcry and public protests and famous faces have also been voicing their sadness and shock over the incident.

On Wednesday rapper Drake penned a lengthy letter saying he’s "truly scared and concerned" for anyone who could fall victim “to this pattern”.

“This is real and I’m concerned," he wrote. "Concerned for the safety of my family, my friends, and any human being that could fall victim to this pattern. I do not know the answer. But I believe things can change for the better. Open and honest dialogue is the first step."

Katy Perry, who is followed by 90 million people, tweeted the graphic video of Sterling being shot.

You can’t just on with your day, you must watch this * we must face this continue outrageousness," the singer said.

“HAS. TO. STOP. Devastating,” Justin Timberlake shared with his 55 million followers.

Related image Serena williams  wears controversial top to Wimbeldon!

Serena Williams of the United States competes during the women's singles quarterfinal with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia on Day 8 at The Championships Wimbledon 2016

Serena Williams left viewers in shock when she took to Wimbledon's Centre Court in a very revealing top.

The tennis star, 34, was leaving very little to the imagination in a tight white Nike top during her quarterfinal match against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova on Tuesday - and it didn't go unnoticed.

Dozens of people took to Twitter to comment on how distracting the star's top was.

"I've just been exposed to Serena Williams nipples on the BBC, should I complain?" one commented.

"With all the money Serena Williams earns, why can't she buy a decent sports bra which covers her nipples properly," shared another.

While a third even said the BBC should have issued a warning.

"Surprised BBC haven't issued a warning that Serena is showing some nipple today!

Another story on Racism! What is wrong with this people 

Nigerian man killed in Italy after defending Girlfriend

A 36 year old Nigerian man identified as Emmanuel Chidi, was beaten to death in what has been described as a racist attack by an Italian in the central Italian town of Paolo Calcinora on Tuesday July 6th. According to reports, Emmanuel was walking on the road with his girlfriend, 24 year old Chinyere, when his attacker called her an "African monkey".

This got Emmanuel angry and he rose to defend his girlfriend. An altercation ensued and his attacker used a ripped-out road-sign pole to hit him repeatedly on the head. He fell to the ground and never regained consciousness.

He died in the hospital yesterday Wednesday July 6th. Chidi had been living in Italy for eight months and was lodged in a shelter run by Catholic charity, Caritas. Himself and his girlfriend had fled to Italy after surviving Boko Haram attacks. Only recently, his girlfriend lost their baby


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