IS strikes again in France : Everything you need to know now

I know killling in the world today is almost becoming an everyday routine, and reading stories about the activities of Islamic state terrorists has made some  stop reading newspapers, or Blogs, newswebsites when they see any headline that has the "Islamic state " as its caption and seeing this headline, the urge to close the tab on this story on your phone or laptop is over-whelming but reading this story is for own good. Keep Safe.

Earlier on tuesday morning, an attack was reported to have been carried out by IS operatives at a  Church in Normandy, France and a prominent priest was killed.

Below are the basic facts about the Saint-Etienne incident

*The attack which took place at a church in Sanit - Etienne- du -Rouvray in Normandy was carried out by 2 IS soldiers, Islamic state news agency, Amaq, confirms.

*A prominent priest ,Jacques Amel, 84 was  was killed by the Islamic state soldiers

*The perpetrators of the attack armed with knives arrived at the church near Rouen at 9.43am during morning Mass.

*The priest before he was killed was held captive along with two nuns and two parishioners , the other victims are described to be seriously injured

*The 2 IS soldiers were shot dead by police when they came out of the church.

*One person has been detained over the incident.

*The perpetrators of the Saint- Etienne attack carried out a cowardly assassination- French President, Francois Hollande reacts.

*According to the French channel BFMTV, one of the two killers, as yet unnamed, lived in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and had tried to travel to fight in Syria in 2015 but had been sent back by Turkish border authorities and jailed in France. He was released in March this year despite the protests of prosecutors, had an electronic tag that allowed authorities to monitor his movements, and was only allowed out of his house between 8.30am and 12.30pm


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