Not Again! Another American African man shot dead in Falcon heights

Let me first ask this before we give you a report on the #FalconHeightsShooting incident . Why did officers allow her to record them? Why did he later fling her phone after he died? Why do officers react violently anytime they know or hear a black man's got a gun? Has this not proved that Jesse williams is right?

A 31-year-old black man was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop Wednesday night in Falcon Heights.

Authorities say St. Anthony Police were conducting a traffic stop when an officer fired at least one shot at Philando Castile in the car. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment, where he later died, family members confirmed.

Police say a woman and child were in the vehicle and witnessed the shooting. They were unharmed.

A nine-minute Facebook Live video, recorded by a woman who said she's Castile's girlfriend, apparently shows the aftermath of the shooting. In the video, the woman says police shot her boyfriend after he reached for his ID, which was in his wallet. She says her boyfriend, who was allegedly stopped for a broken taillight, told police the ID was in his wallet and that he was carrying a firearm, which he was licensed to do.

"Police shot him for no apparent reason," she said in the video, "no reason at all.”

Watch How it Happened;


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