How Ronaldo ended the Wales Fairytale( All Highlights from yesterday)

Finally but unfortunately the welsh fairytale   has ended .

After winning every game except losing a game against England, Wales was the favourite Related image at the European nation cup 2016.

Wales proved they were no longer underdogs when they beat No 2 best team, Belgium, 3- 1 in Lille during the Quarter Final.

This was more than enough to seal their place in European Championship history with Gareth Bale leading the charge and contributing a lot in the making of the feat but all this ended when wales came up against Ronaldo's Portugal.

Unlike Bale, who has had a fine outing since the beginning of the competition, Ronaldo;s performance was nothing short of mediocreRelated image except the game against Hungary where he gave us a taste of the Ronaldo many paid to watch during the tournament.

However, Before the Wales Vs Portugal game, many said the match was between Bale and Ronaldo. Although it wasn't really but Ronaldo's performance during the match moved from Mediocre to Fantastic.Related image

He scored with a header and made an assist which Nani scored. Just watch how it Happened;


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