Solomon’s corner: “The Street” ; What it does ( it’s challenging effect )by Balogun Alabi

Hmmm, if only I knew a more laudable way to start to engage you on this subject, C'mon! Trust me, without a pinch of hesitation Related image, I would jump at it, like an opportunist at a "serve your   self " party SYS for short!!   yeah..u sure know what am talking about, yeah, that's it. Oya, anyhow let's spread open the legs of the matter () in order to accurately nip the subject in the bud (Related image ) As a dude, who at least,  sat on the 6th row in  a Nigerian university, I know better to look up the word "street" in the dictionary for clarity sake!

It says, " a road that includes the pavement and the buildings" it could also mean " the people who live a great deal of time on the street as defined above, usually poor, unemployed etc"..... sure you see all the correctness in the definitions, they match or align with the caged definition of the same word somewhere no...., yeah, right there in ur subconscious(Related image . A litmus test shows you passed, as ur 1D ( one dimensional) experience accurately lined up with the dictionary meaning of the word. Let me get this straight, the street harbours the poor, swindlers, unemployed, deviants, pickpocket, drug abusers and traffickers, many more societal misfits right? Hmmm....... That's interest!!

You know what? I think Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie has the balm to help correct this misconception that has fractured the bone of contention of broad meaning of the word "street"... In her superb delivery in what she calls "the danger of a single story".... We all are caught in the temptation of telling a single story of the street, that we have failed to tell many of the awesome and superbly tremendous story of the street... The street has produced stars in human being across every industry of social life that could think much so, that many of the men you see today hitherto were boys who " live a great deal of the lives on the road with pavements and buildings".... The street by it nature offers you one dose tablet that can challenge u to unlock ur potential and set u on course for fulfilling manifestation at the top! This dose is what you know as pressure!...

You see, my friend, until a man is kicked, he would naturally settle for a crude or primitive instinct of himself as being okay! Okay..okay...!!! Mehn you are never okay if you live on the street, it teaches you to scout for opportunities and ferociously pounce on them as a hungry lioness would jump on her unsuspecting prey... It leaves ur " hustling spirit" restless as you wonder about with razor shape readiness to claw down any opportunity that strays your way, in order words, you are always on a red alert! The street teaches you  the pride of Solomon called wisdom as you become wiser, a consequence of latitude for many mistakes that you made, which only the street can offer!! It baptises you with a name...that sticks for a lifetime!!! Sigh....I just hope u have a new or three-dimensional (3D) definition for the "street"... I would like to hear it, u can talk to me as u leave ur comment bellow (  and in the voice of "Francis" gerarahia....😡😡!!)

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