Teen bags first-class degree for writing about the Kardashians

A university student has been awarded a first class honours degree - after writing her dissertation on the KARDASHIANS . Ridiculous

Eliza Cummings-Cove penned a hefty 9,959-word tome on whether the Kardashian clan could be described as a post-feminist fairy tale.

The Durham University graduate is now planning to turn it into a book.

The 20-year-old sociology student, from south east London, binge-watched more than 80 hours of the reality TV series, even simultaneously watching an older series while keeping abreast of season 11.

And it seems to have paid off as she scored 76% on her dissertation which helped her net a first class honours overall at Durham Cathedral on Friday.

Eliza said: "I felt euphoric when I handed my dissertation in and was very, very happy when I found out my score.

"I was working at a caf on the day our results came out. My phone was broken and I wasn't due another break so asked my friend to find out what I got.

"She came back looking really mischievous, I asked her 'did I get a 2.1?' she shook her head 'a 2.2?'

"She shook her head again, grinned and then told me I got a first - I couldn't believe it!"

Eliza Cummings-Coves dissertation

Now the reality TV fan is planning to use the thesis as the basis of her first book, and is considering whether to include the cast of notorious MTV show Geordie Shore.

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