White Supremacist taken into custody after Triple Murder

A white supremacist was taken into custody on Saturday on suspicion of a triple murder in Washington.

Brent Luyster, 35, was arrested after one woman drove to a convenience store in Woodland on Friday night with a gunshot wound to the face alerting police that three others had been shot.

Police released a photo of Luyster and the tattoos covering his arms, torso and back in an appeal to the public as they launched a manhunt warning he was 'armed and extremely dangerous'.

An investigation is ongoing, but police said the shooting was not racially motivated, according to police.

A woman drove to an AM PM convenience store around 10.30pm on Friday, and notified police that two men and another woman had been shot at a house about two miles away.

She was unable to speak because of her injuries, but she identified Luyster as the gunman through a handwritten note to the police.

She is still in the hospital although her condition is unclear.

Police found the bodies of the two men outside the house at 4006 NW 417th Street, while the woman was dead inside.

None of the victims' names have been released, but Sergeant Tony Barnes told the New York Daily News they were all white.

Police believe Luyster was looking for something when he opened fire.

Police launched an online appeal showing Luyster's tattoos, which includes 'skinhead' scrawled over his abdomen. Adolf Hitler and other Nazi Germany symbols are tattooed on his back.

A friend wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday: 'My heart breaks that my comrade Brent Luyster is on the loose with multiple body bags in tow, brother ODIN is calling for you, may you have a proper taking into Valhalla......'

Police received a tip and arrested Luyster at 4.15pm on Saturday while he was in his gold Ford Explorer on the Ocean Beach Highway.

The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office issued a tweet announcing Luyster's arrest, adding that he was taken into custody 'peacefully by his choice'.

Source: DailyMail


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