Beliebers outraged as Justin Beiber quits Instagram at last

Twitter is about to go into meltdown as a result of the recent decision by Justin Beiber to delete his Instagram account over "hateful " comments by his fans against his new beau, Sofia Richie. There is already a thread for it , titled  #JustinDeactivated  and it is trending at the No 1 spot worldwide.

The drama which has been going on since the weekend when Beiber first warned that he was going to " make his Instagram private" due to the hateful comments.

After  carrying out the threat of setting the account to private, Justin was slammed by fans in comments, before he deleted it.

'In the moment you went privat (sic) you lost many fans...' wrote one user, while another added 'and now we are leaving u.'

Another said the Sorry singer was making 'bad decisions', while others told him to just disable the comments if he didn't want to deal with fans.

Beiber 's former heartthrobs, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin were both on the side of the Beiber fans during the incident and it got messier when Gomez and Beiber shared accusatory statements.

Zing! Out of the blue his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez took a swipe, and the blows got lower and lower after that 

This deletion comes after the 22-year-old allegedly accused ex Selena Gomez of cheating with Zayn Malik,

                      "I cheated... Oh I forgot about You and Zayn?'"

Meanwhile, after Hailey Baldwin seemingly sided with Selena after she slated Justin for not supporting his fans, the blonde bombshell was unfollowed by Bieber – despite having a previous fling with him.

The Question, Whose fault was this?


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