Will “Big Sam” Allardyce be sacked after controversial exposure?

Already this story you are about to read  is already trending on social media, and Big Sam Allardyce , former west Ham and Bolton Coach and newly appointed England Coach has no idea his job is on the line.

According to an exclusive investigation carried out by UK based News Firm, The Telegraph.

Sam Allardyce used his position as England manager to negotiate a £400,000 deal and offered advice to businessmen on how to “get around” FA rules on player transfers, The Telegraph can disclose.

Before he had even held his first training session as England’s new head coach, Allardyce negotiated a deal with men purporting to represent a Far East firm that was hoping to profit from the Premier League’s billion-pound transfer market.

Unknown to the England Coach, who has only played and won one game since he took charge , the "businessmen" were undercover "pressmen"

Talk about "letting your guard down and being caught pants down" Related image

Below are the juiciest part  of the undercover investigation.Enjoy

He agreed to travel to Singapore and Hong Kong as an ambassador and explained to the “businessmen” how they could circumvent Football Association rules which prohibit third parties “owning” players.

The issue of “third party ownership” in football has been described as “slavery”. It effectively allows companies to own a stake in a footballer. The FA led the way by banning the practice in 2008 and football’s world governing body, Fifa, followed in 2015.

Allardyce, 61, told his prospective employers it was “not a problem” to dodge the “ridiculous” rules.

During Allardyce’s meetings with the reporters he also:

Criticised his predecessor Roy Hodgson, dubbing him “Woy” and saying that he “hasn’t got the personality” for public speaking; Said England’s players were underperforming because they had a “psychological barrier” and “can’t cope”; Suggested that players who were not being played for their club should not be picked for England; Described the FA decision to redevelop Wembley as “stupid”.

IN QUOTES | What Sam Allardyce said

On why Roy Hodgson, former England manager, would not be a good public speaker:

“He’d send them all to sleep, Roy. Woy. He hasn’t got the personality for it.”

On where Roy Hodgson went wrong as England manager:

“Players let him down in the end. I think maybe he, he was too indecisive. Cast a bit of an anxiety over to the players maybe. I mean prior to the Iceland game, he won all 10 qualifiers. We'd drawn with Russia, we should have won. We beat Wales, and that was our worst performance. We drew with Slovakia, and we only had to draw with Iceland to get through ... he just collapsed.”

On Gary Neville, former assistant manager England manager, advising Hodgson on the decision to substitute on Marcus Rashford during the match against Iceland in the Euros:

“They were arguing for 10 minutes about bringing him on, him and Gary Neville. So Gary was the wrong influence for him. ----ing tell Gary to sit down and shut up, so you can do what you want. You’re the manager, you do what you want, not what they anyone else”

On the chances of footballers playing for England:

"Can’t play them then. Joe Hart. Jack Wilshere, on the bench for Arsenal. Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench. You can play them, but they’re not playing for the club. When they’re not playing for the club, they’re just short of match practice.”

On Wembley Stadium:

“They [the FA] stupidly spent £870 million on Wembley, so they’re still paying that debt off. They completely rebuilt it. If they’d built it anywhere else, it would have cost about £400 million. They completely floored it and then rebuilt the new stadium which is fabulous, but that sort of debt is not really what you want. Most of the money the FA make[s] will go to the interest on the debt.”

On the gambling habits of current or former senior England players:

"[A club owner] bailed [a player] out twice. That’s players for you, dealing with the boredom, see. It were worse in our time … we gambled more in our time than they do now. We played cards, played cards all the way back [from away matches] … you’d do your wages in.”

On the Football Association:

“They’re all about making money aren’t they? You know the FA’s the richest football association in the world? Well, I shouldn’t say that. They’re not the richest at all. What they do is they have the biggest turnover in the world with £325 million.”

On the Duke of Cambridge failing to appear at the launch of the Euro 2020 football tournament:

“The only one that never turned up was Prince William. He’s our ambassador for the Football Association, so it would have been nice if he’d have turned up but he obviously had more, much busier things on.”

On Prince Harry:

“Harry’s a naughty boy. He’s a very naughty boy, very naughty. He shows his bottom and all sorts.”

Meanwhile, The Telegraph detailed its findings in an email to the FA yesterday morning which set out 18 questions about its findings, including Allardyce’s comments in the two meetings. However, the FA declined to answer any of the questions without receiving full transcripts of the conversations.

Will Big Sam get the sack?

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