Canadian Regulators set 2017 deadline for service providers to offer unlimited data

This week the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the country’s federal telecommunications regulator, announced its decision that all citizens should be connected to high-speed broadband.

This is big news because despite years of promises, Canada’s internet remains slow and expensive compared to the rest of the developed world.

The regulator will now mandate that Canadian telecoms offer an unlimited data option for customers. The regulator is also upgrading its previous, sorely inadequate targets of 5 megabits upload speed and 1 megabit download speed by tenfold. The new targets will be 50 megabits upload speed, and 10 megabits download speed.

“These goals are ambitious and they will not be easy to achieve—and they will cost money,” said one of the officials of the country telecommunication body. “But we have no choice.”

The CRTC is reported to have  committed to spending $750 million over five years, while the government Last week pledged $500 million to bring high-speed internet to 300 rural communities by 2021

It’s a decision that will have a “generational impact,” the official continued. And the government can’t “rely on market forces” alone to solve these issues, as he acknowledged. The CRTC is mandating that by July 2017, all service providers must offer and promote packages that conform to the new guidelines.

However, critics have noted that the CRTC can’t complete the job by itself. Total connectivity would require assistance from the government and from industry to make the necessary financial and infrastructural investments.

This news is classified under As e dey hot which is  strictly Nigerian based segment to sensitise Nigerians and Nigerian government to seek a review on Data Quantification in the country


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