Olic3: 3 Million for a ticket, would you pay?

Let’s get something straight first

  1. 1, This is not a beef post or hater post
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Olic3 is a concert in Nigeria organised by the Ybnl group with the show or concert being headlined by the CEO of the music label, Olamide.

This is not the first time, the show is holding. It has been an annual concert for the past 3 years.

It all started in 2014( Olic1), then 2015( Olic2), now the 3rd edition is here.

One thing is prominent about this particular Nigerian product.

It attracts a lot of audience from all walks of Life numbering into thousands.

Also, the group also recently organised a show in London, and they even sold the ticket for standing at such an outrageous price.

So there is an incentive  for organisers of the show to tip the fee for Olic this year and coupled with the fact that, The brand’s face Olamide, might want to just to increase  his luxurious horde by buying a private Jet( Call that a conspiracy theory)

Since there are not many musicians who have private jets and also given the fact that celebrity life in Nigeria goes hand in hand with “Show off” , a private jet might just be the thing to open 2017 with.

The perfect show off piece, don’t you agree?

However, not to dwell on the conspiracy theory. Let’s get to the important and to the main issue in this article.

Olic 3: 3 million tickets.

This is the most outrageous ticket price for one and given the fact that this is during Nigeria’s economic downturn, it is purely heartless.

This is the first time a Nigerian would publicly fix his concert fee at this price. And what’s worse, the concert is supported by the Lagos State Government.

Given the history of the CEO of YBNL relationship with the Lagos state government before and after the installation of the new Lagos State government, there is a probability he got a lesser tax charge on the show or nothing at all.

Even if he did, am not sure they would tax him based on the amount is charging for the excuse of “bringing joy to Lagos people Hearts” during these hard times.

At least that is the objective they would put forward and not the objective of making a fortune over Night.

That was just the icing on the main issue, the main question and issue here is, would Nigerians pay 1 million for silver, 2 million for Gold, 3 million for platinum for Olic 3?

The question I would love to ask the Yahoo boys, the night-lifers, the high-lifers and all those whose symbol is spending without reasoning and who would not feel a thing after they pay such an amount, would they pay?

Have you seen the poster or banner of the said concert, it shows a chubby CEO of YBNL with a blond hair cut!  The poster was so upcoming, compared with the Olic2 and the turnout, the price for Olic3 can simply be called Daylight Robbery and in fact live up to the name of the organising label’s name, which means Yahoo boy no Laptop(YBNL).

The Label's head said this year's event will one to remember when it will be the same A-list artistes  who came last year who will grace the event(plus some  instagram celebrities) or will Beyonce or Adele or Chris Brown be gracing the event?

Or have the Nigerian artistes who are going to be invited also increased their show fees due to the recession too? 

To those who are willing to pay mouth-watering sum, because like it or not, some Nigerians will pay even if it is to just show off while those ashamed to admit their show off give the excuse of supporting Nigerian music.

That or some general humanistic lie bandied around by fake human right advocates!

To those who are going to pay the 1 million or 3 million, except if you are a family friend of the organisers, even if you got your money through dirty means or God knows how . I know it would be a waste of time to talk about other things to do with the money.

Like I said earlier, people that are going to pay for these platinum or Gold tickets are not the salaried -type but the men and women(girls) who spend money with utter abandon.

So, what I would simply say is, apart from the joy of showing off your platinum ticket or Gold ticket, is Olic3 worth 3 million for a night?

Let’s say you don’t care about the way you spend the money because the knowledge of how the money was gotten is known only to you and no one else has the right to dictate how to spend it.

I am pleading on behalf of those many people in Nigeria, that will go hungry on that day and the day after, boycott #Olic3 and feed people. Recession is real for some people not all.

I am pleading on behalf of the families like the family of the boy who was beaten to death by a mob some few months ago in Lagos because he stole food.

I am pleading on behalf of those who scavenge dust bin for scraps, I have seen them ( old women, young men) make a living.

I am pleading even if you don’t care, or Can’t boycott the concert, boycott the platinum or the gold ticket. By paying for this, and with the organisers broadcasting how people paid like you paid for the expensive tickets( just imagine how the Instagram or Blogs headline will be), some people will get frustrated and unfortunately intimidated into actions that will blow your mind.

Thank you.


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