What will be Dylan Roof’s final statement as he defends himself?

Roof confessed to the killings and was convicted December 15 on all 33 charges in the June 2015 shooting.
Although, he was represented by a lawyer during the guilt phase of the trial, He told a federal judge he still plans to represent himself at the penalty phase of his trial, which starts Tuesday. He said would make an opening statement but would call no witnesses or present any evidence.
 On Wednesday,  during the hearing, the convicted teenager stated his intention. "First of all if I can ... I do intend to do an opening statement after theirs," Roof said, after the judge said prosecutors would give an opening statement first.

Point of Note : Serial Killers , Mass Murderes and twisted minded people always tend to enjoy the attention they get whenever they successfully kill, but when they are caught and they are to go through some "drastic punishment"( mist times death penalty), they tend to make some ground-shaking(mot time historical comments) , which is exactly, what this teenager wants. He wants to rememberd for who he is and why he killed( he will try to make an historical statement rather than defend his actions as it is evident from his intention of not presenting evidences or witnesses. Although sometimes, some of the killers tend to have remorse before their death sentence, in this case, they still tend to make Historical comments they want to be remebered for, but this time, the comments are sometimes lased with regrets and pleading.

In the case of Dylan Roof, many  would like to know what Dylan Roof would say to defend his action( although that doesn't seem likely)  during the penalty phase. It is a Life or Death matter now, what will be his opening statement?
 The judge said prosecutors havealready submitted the names of 38 potential witnesses.His lawyers  are reported to have challenged the federal death penalty.
The same jury that convicted him will decide his fate.

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